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Marilyn Huheey, MD


Marilyn Huheey, MD 

Over the years, Fred Kapetansky, MD and Marilyn Huheey, MD have been a conduit for relaying the latest medical advances presented at the Association for Research and Vision in Ophthalmology (ARVO) annual meeting.

Together, they coordinate a yearly Grand Rounds where the latest information is relayed to physicians, medical students, and faculty members. This Grand Rounds is always well attended because of the personal touch provided by both doctors.

Dr. Huheey is always so energetic in her yearly ARVO attire and Dr. Kapetansky captivates attendees with his unique and insightful take on the meeting.

Both Dr. Kapetansky and Dr. Huheey were happy to announce the unprecedented number of OSU residents, medical students, and graduate students that have presented at ARVO recently. This is a positive sign about the value of our research and it's place in the future of medicine.