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Dr. Glenn & Carmen Himes


Dr. Glenn & Carmen Himes
Grateful Patients "Pay it Forward" to Help Support Global Outreach

Having both grown up on small farms in Indiana, Glenn and Carmen only met when they both attending Purdue University. Glenn majored in Agriculture and Carmen majored in Home Economics.  After graduation, they married and they moved their young family to Columbus in 1961 so that Glenn could attend graduate school at The Ohio State University. After receiving his doctorate, Glenn was asked to join the Department of Agriculture faculty and so they remained in Columbus.

When they started having eye problems, they went to the OSU Havener Eye Institute.

“I saw Dr. Weber, and Carmen saw Dr. Mauger,” said Glenn. “We each met a doctor who was very professional, very likable, and we got good medical results.”

Glenn was diagnosed with glaucoma.  Carmen was concerned as her mother had had glaucoma and gone to their small community’s best doctor, but had still lost her eyesight in that eye.
“I was concerned,” said Carmen.  “We didn’t know anything about it, but Dr. Weber explained all about it, tried different medications, and checked him every four months.  To think, it’s been thirty years and that in all of these years, he’s been able to maintain good eyesight and a healthy eye.”

Carmen then developed cataracts.  She knew that a lot of people had them, but remembered how difficult her father’s cataract surgery had been.  Back then, patients had to lay their head on a pillow and keep perfectly quiet and ultimately wear very thick glasses.  She had been hearing about modern cataract surgery, and decided  consult Dr. Mauger.  In the end, Carmen was very pleased with the results of her surgery.

“With Dr. Mauger, it’s just...it’s a miracle,” said Carmen.  “We just felt so blessed to be in a location where we got such great medical care.”

Carmen and Glenn were thinking about making a gift to the Havener Eye Institute.  They heard about the new Global Outreach Project, which sends ophthalmology residents to developing countries to provide cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, and other ocular care.  They decided to make a donation that would support this important work. 

“When you’ve been blessed, you really like to pay it forward a bit,” said Carmen. “Vision is such a gift.  Giving back is so important.  It’s just a tiny little thank you and it just perpetuates the work.”