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How to Give


  The Dr. Theodore L. Moor Graduate Student Research Fund - #645029
Supports research activities of a graduate student engaged in ophthalmic research.
  Thomas F. Mauger and L. Carol Laxson Endowment - #664490
Funds eye research in the Department of Ophthalmology
  Steven Katz MD Ophthalmology Support Fund - #313021
Supports education, research, and programs for residents, students, and fellows under Dr. Steven Katz...read more.
  The Dr. Roger & Margery Henderson Memorial Fund - #603008
Funds research programs and merit scholarships in the Department of Ophthalmology.
  Dr. Eli Alcorn and Dr. John Alcorn Ophthalmology Prize Fund - #600049
Funds the annual Alcorn Prize for outstanding vision research and the Alcorn Fellowship and Alcorn research prizes.
  The Alan & Susan Letson Retina and Ophthalmology Fund - #663978
Supports the education of ophthalmology residents, acquisition of equipment for research, clinical and patient care, projects in retina disease...read more.
  Ophthalmology Biomedical Engineering Fund - #312020
Supports programs, research, and related activities in biomedical engineering and vision in Department of Ophthalmology.
  The Martha G. and Milton Staub Chair for Research - #606920
Supports a distinguished researcher in ophthalmology.
  The Carl M. and Grace C. Baldwin Eye Care Fund - #600289
Funds the study of the eye, causes of blindness, sight restoration to the blind and the treatment of persons threatened with loss of sight.
  The Carl M. and Grace C. Baldwin Chair in Ophthalmology - #600290
Supports a nationally eminent physician faculty member for the study of the eye, causes of blindness, the restoration of sight to the blind...read more.
  The Elmer E. and Ruth A. Tankersley Eye Research Fund - #607112
Funds eye research in the Department of Ophthalmology.
  The Clabaugh Glaucoma Research Fund - #601265
Supports research for the cure and treatment of glaucoma.
  The Robert Magnuson Ophthalmology Education Fund - #604439
Supports projects in the department that lead to excellence in education and research programs.
  The Retina Research Fund - #310708
Supports research in retina related vision diseases.
  Colleen Cebulla, MD, PhD Fund in Ophthalmology - #313310
Supports research and programs on retinal diseases (including retinal diseases, ocular melanoma, etc.) for work of Dr. Colleen Cebulla....read more.
  The Irene D. Hirsch Chair in Ophthalmology - #603204
Supports a chair for research in diseases and treatment of the eye.
  Frederick H. Davidorf Ophthalmology Lectureship Fund - #621565
Supports visiting distinguished scholars lecturing for education and research programs in the Department of Ophthalmology
  The Paul A. Weber Fellowship Fund in Ophthalmology - #647580
Provides support for medical students and residents for research in eye diseases and treatment.
  The Dr. Theodore Suie Jr. Scholarship Fund - #607070
Provides need-based fellowships for students engaged in eye research.
  The Patti Blow Research Fund in Ophthalmology - #310340
Supports research in retina related vision diseases and disorders.
  The Elson Craig, MD Ophthalmic Pathology Fund - #645513
For research and programs involving ophthalmic pathology (including resident education, imaging, etc.) in recognition of Dr. Elson Craig...read more.
  Eye Research Fund - #313138
Supports molecular genetics or retina research in Ophthalmology or other initiatives for work of Drs. Frederick Davidorf and Mohamed Abdel-Rahman.
  The Mary Jo & A. Robert Kent Ophthalmology Research Fund - #640001
Supports medical research on diseases of the eye with emphasis on macular degeneration.
  The Dorothy Bittner Louks Endowment Fund - #644320
Supports basic and clinical research in ophthalmology to eradicate diseases of the retina with an emphasis on macular degeneration.
  Manar Salem Memorial Fund - #312805
Supports an Egyptian researcher at The Ohio State University or a non-Egyptian researcher that will be doing work in Egypt.

Important: Be sure to make a special note on the check or donation form that the donation is for Manar Salem Memorial Fund