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Research Requirements


Residents will have the opportunity to develop, carry out and ultimately present a research project as part of their training program. Each resident is required to complete, or make significant progress, in one research project per year for presentation at the Annual Resident Research Symposium. While nearly all successful applicants have performed research as medical students, the emphasis and expectation is that rather than being handed a project already in the works by a faculty member, the resident will identify an area of interest and develop the hypothesis, materials, methods on his/her own with guidance and feedback from a faculty preceptor. The projects are "resident driven".  Faculty, financial support and lab requirements are generally available for these projects.  It is expected that each resident will submit at least one project for consideration at a national forum, such as ARVO, by the completion of residency. IN prior years, the quality of this work has been outstanding, with many of the projects subsequently being presented at prestigious meetings such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ARVO, APOS,  and The Ohio Ophthalmological Society. Many are published later in peer-reviewed journals. 
Residents also have an opportunity to work side by side with some of the best ophthalmologists in a number of research areas, including nationally-funded studies. The department is proud of its partnership with the Ohio State Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, where residents can interact with biomedical engineering faculty and graduate students for interdisciplinary projects.

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