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The faculty at the Havener Eye Institute are dedicated to sharing their clinical and surgical skills with underprivileged patients.  One of our newest faculty members, Kelly Kingsbury, OD, participated in a mission led by Student Volunteers for Optometric Service to Humanity (SVOSH).

During their trip to Lima, Peru in September, the group saw approximately 1500 patients. They examined patients for glasses and dispensed hundreds of prescription lenses that they had brought with them. They also treated patients with infections, glaucoma, and other anterior segment conditions.

“One of our patients was a six-year-old girl who needed low-vision devices,” said Kingsbury. “This little girl was born with congenital cataracts and optic nerve hypoplasia. She was barely able to see 20/200 in each eye. She had just started school and was struggling with reading the board.  We were able to give her several magnifying aids to help her see up close. We also trained her on how to use a telescope to ‘spot’ items far away. The cutest thing was when she learned to spot the sky and all she kept saying was ‘Hay nubles! Nubles!’ which means ‘There are clouds! Clouds!’”


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