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Biking the Extra Mile

Physician & Researcher Rides in Pelotonia '15 to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Colleen Cebulla, MD, PhD, an OSU ocular cancer physician and researcher, is willing to do just about anything to help her patients.  This includes joining Pelotonia, a grassroots bike tour dedicated to ending cancer, along with her husband, Ted Donley, and cancer survivor, James Benedict.

As a basic researcher, clinical trials investigator, and a physician, Dr. Cebulla is a model of translational medicine.  She is dedicated to fast-tracking breakthroughs from their basic research lab to the patient clinic.

Currently, the treatment for patients with metastatic ocular melanoma (eye cancer) is very limited.  However, a very promising cancer drug recently became available.  OSU’s Ocular Melanoma Group, including Drs. Thomas Olencki (Oncology), Frederick Davidorf, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, and Cebulla are working to start a local clinical trial with this new drug.  Pelotonia grants and private donations could provide the funding needed to fund clinical trials and basic research that will help patients with eye cancer

With this goal in mind, Dr. Cebulla jumped on a bike and joined the race to end cancer.  With 100% of the money raised going to cancer research, she says, “We all win.”

Click here to support Dr. Cebulla's ride and cancer research