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EyeRounds - April 2014


Expert Oncologist Advocates Suspicion
Sheilds Demonstrates Cases of "Masquerading" Ocular Cancer

Jerry Shields, MD, an internationally renowned ocular oncologist, spoke at the 3rd Annual Jacob Moses, MD Lectureship.  In his lecture, “Serious Eye Cancers Masquerading as Common Benign Conditions,” the message was one of renewed vigilance in detecting ocular cancer.

Many attendees remarked on Dr. Shields’s skills as a presenter and how his cases touched on nearly every facet of ophthalmology.  He was able to take the highly specialized topic of ocular oncology and relate it to the average ophthalmologist’s day by demonstrating how common complaints, seen daily in the clinic, could actually be cancerous conditions.

“We were really honored to have Jerry Shields speak to us,” said Frederick Davidorf, MD.  “He has a wealth of knowledge and that, coupled with the fact that he is just a superb lecturer, makes him a tremendous teacher.”

One of Dr. Shields’ cases was a patient diagnosed initially with severe conjunctivitis (swollen blood vessels in the white part of the eye commonly known as pink eye).  When routine treatment failed to resolve the condition, a closer look and revealed that the blood vessels were actually supplying a tumor on the inside of the eye.  Dr. Shields emphasized that if they had not considered other options beside the obvious, the cancer might not have been discovered until it was too late.  His parting words were that when it comes to patient care, it’s important to “Be very suspicious.”

“Dr. Shields was captivating and kept everyone’s interest,” said Dr. Davidorf. “I think that everyone walked away with something to think about.”

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